Our Pain Team

Pain management is complex and for most people with pain, a multidisciplinary approach gives the best results.

We work with a number of allied health and medical specialties to give you a comprehensive approach to your pain management.

Our affiliated groups for pain management cross from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology as well as multiple medical specialities.

Balanced Health

Balanced Health provides a holistic mental health service with psychiatrists, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, social work and mental health nursing practitioners. They are located in Joondalup and work closely with PainScience to help deliver optimal pain management.



“The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life.”

Lifeworks evaluate the impact on your daily activities and quality of life, and equip you with the skills and strategies to manage the symptoms of your condition. They perform detailed assessments including home visits to help deliver functional improvement as part of pain management.


Body Sense

Body Sense Physiotherapy specializes in pain management for the northern suburbs of Perth. They understand complex pain management problems and work in a team based approach to help manage your pain and restore function.


GB Physiotherapy

GB Physiotherapy specialises in joint mobility and muscle control problems, both of which are implicated in many chronic pain conditions. They work closely with PainScience to ensure a consensus approach to recovery.


Agility Rehabilitation

Agility Rehabilitation specialises in exercise programs for pain patients, to help you restore your function.  They work with PainScience to help develop the best rehabilitation program for your pain condition.