Procedure Checklist


We perform the full range of pain management procedures at Joondalup Private Hospital and Glengarry Private Hospital.

Keeping you comfortable

Because we are pain specialists and specialist anaesthetists, patients are offered sedation during their procedure by a qualified anaesthetist.

Care by a pain specialist

To maximise the quality of your care, you will receive a pain management review by your pain medicine specialist 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

Where will I have my procedure?

Your procedure will be booked either at:

Joondalup Private Hospital (Joondalup Health Campus) or Glengarry Private Hospital, Duncraig, Western Australia.

We will contact you with the details.

Before the procedure

  • You will be contacted by our staff with details of your admission.
  • Before the procedure, we suggest you already make an appointment with your GP for about five days after the procedure, in case you need prescriptions or there are any problems.
  • If you are unwell before the procedure and cannot proceed, please ring the pain clinic, or the day procedures  unit at Joondalup Health Campus or Glengarry Hospital URGENTLY during office hours.

Blood thinning medications

  • DO NOT stop your blood thinners without checking with your doctor first.
  • Blood thinners such as warfarin or clopidogrel (Plavix) should be ceased FIVE DAYS before the procedure.
  • Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) should be ceased TWO DAYS before the procedure.
  • Aspirin CAN be continued if needed.
  • If you need to stay on blood thinners (e.g. heart valve or stents) we will arrange temporary injections.
  • Please let your pain specialist know if you cannot come off your blood thinners.

On the day of your procedure

  • Please bring your medications, x-rays or test results with you on the day.
  • Your procedure will usually be performed as a day case.
  • You will go home around 2 hours after the procedure.


  • MORNING PROCEDURES: FAST from midnight (no food or milk products).
  • AFTERNOON PROCEDURES: After a light breakfast (slice of toast, water, apple juice, tea, coffee) FAST from 7 am.
  • You CAN drink small sips of water (only) until TWO hours before you arrive at hospital.

Your medications on the day of your procedure

  • Take your normal morning medications with a small sip of water.
  • If you are on diabetes medications, these may need to be reduced when you are fasting.
  • Please discuss this with your pain specialist or GP if you are unsure.


  • You may be given sedation (relaxing medication) by an anaesthetist during the procedure.
  • You will not be totally asleep during the procedure-every attempt will be made to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Your anaesthetist will discuss these options with you on the day.